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Visit of ICAR Principal Investigator at HHU

Dr. Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Head of the Division of Plant Physiology of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) visited HHU for a week, to discuss the current project efforts in more depth.


Dr. Chinnusamy gave a lecture about the benefits of genome edited crops in the fight against climate change.

ICAR  has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HHU in 2020 to promote the scientific exchange between both institutions and accelerate the efforts to provide disease resistant rice varieties to Indian small-scale food producers. Besides numerous very nice and fruitful discussions, Dr. Chinnusamy also had the time for an excellent lecture on the positive effects of genome-edited rice varieties on the consequences of climate change. The exchange strengthened the relationship between the two institutions and led to new and interesting ideas for further cooperation.

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