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Open Positions

Master Thesis

Genome sequencing of rice varieties and evaluation of the efficiency of CRISPR-mediated genome editing

Tools: Nextgen Sequencing und Bionformatics

Genome editing provides an elegant new research tools that enables the targeted alteration of specific regions in plant genomes. The goal of the project will be to determine the sequence of rice varieties as well as genome-edited lines and to identify possible off target effects, somaclonal events and the efficacy of removal of the T-DNA. DNA will be extracted from various elite lines of rice as well as edited lines, followed by Illumina sequencing at an external company. Subsequently, genome assembly will be performed and sequences will be analyzed for differences in the genomes of parental and filial lines using bioinformatics.

The thesis will be performed under supervision of Dr. Thomas Hartwig and Dr. Van Thi Luu.


  • Experience with Linux
  • Background in statistics


  • Basic experience in molecular biology (DNA extraction)
  • Knowledge in bioinformatics
  • Advanced computer skills

Start date: As soon as possible

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