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Publication in Plant Biotechnology Journal

The team of Bing Yang developed a high-efficient prime editing technique that enables to develop new strategies for broad-spectrum resistance to bacterial blight of rice.


Xa23 SW14 and xa5 alleles confer strong broad‐spectrum resistance to multiple pathogen strains. Disease symptom (lesions) of edited homozygous T1 lines of Xa23 SW14 and xa5. Rice lines of different genotypes and Xoo strains used for inoculation are indicated above and below the leaf images, respectively.

Using genetic resistance against bacterial blight (BB) caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pathovar oryzae (Xoo) is a major objective in rice breeding programmes. Prime editing (PE) has the potential to create novel germplasm against Xoo. Here, we use an improved prime-editing system to implement two new strategies for BB resistance. Knock-in of TAL effector binding elements (EBE) derived from the BB susceptible gene SWEET14 into the promoter of a dysfunctional executor R gene xa23 reaches 47.2% with desired edits including biallelic editing at 18% in T0 generation that enables an inducible TALE-dependent BB resistance. Editing the transcription factor TFIIA gene TFIIAγ5 required for TAL effector-dependent BB susceptibility recapitulates the resistance of xa5 at an editing efficiency of 88.5% with biallelic editing rate of 30% in T0 generation. The engineered loci provided resistance against multiple Xoo strains in T1 generation. Whole-genome sequencing detected no OsMLH1dn-associated random mutations and no off-target editing demonstrating high specificity of this PE system. This is the first-ever report to use PE system to engineer resistance against biotic stress and to demonstrate knock-in of 30-nucleotides cis-regulatory element at high efficiency. The new strategies hold promises to fend rice off the evolving Xoo strains and protect it from epidemics.

More inforations can be found in the origial publication:

Gupta, A., Liu, B., Chen, Q.-J. and Yang, B. (2023), High-efficiency prime editing enables new strategies for broad-spectrum resistance to bacterial blight of rice. Plant Biotechnol. J, 21: 1454-1464. https://doi.org/10.1111/pbi.14049

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