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Power to the Girls!
HHU participates in Girl's Day 2021

Girls' Day is an annual event to motivate girls to take up technical and scientific professions. HHU will explain the beautiful profession of a plant biochemist and how we can help to fight BLB.

The "Girls' Day" is intended to expand career opportunities of girls in promising occupational fields in which they have so far been underrepresented, i.e. in particular in technology and science fields as well as in skilled trades, in order to improve their labor market, career and earning opportunities. This year the HHU branch of the Healthy Crops project will join the Girls' Day and explain to the girls how they can help fight rice diseases from the lab as a biochemist? In addition, the socio-economic interests of rice and the consequences of the diseases are explained. We additionally explain why we do our work and give an insight into the daily work of different people in our lab. Afterwards, the girls will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn all about working as a biochemist in plant research in a casual question and answer discussion.

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