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New Research Fellow Position in the Frommer Lab

The has openings for Humboldt Research Fellows at the postdoc level through a fast track program since Wolf B Frommer has been selected as a Henriette Herz Scout.
Topic areas: Transport processes, biosensors, regulation of carbon allocation, electrical signaling, pathogen resistance, and more, check out our website.
The fellowship come with many benefits. 

  • Fellowship is €2,670 (postdocs) and €3,170 for experienced researchers plus bench fees
  • Additional support for families
  • Lifelong support as Humboldt Alumni with option for return fellowships
  • HHU also offer various types of support through JUNO to help you with the move

Key Requirements are:

  • Doctorate completed within the last 12 years
  • Outstanding scientific record and potential (Above-average publication record, commensurate with career level)

Additional requirements:

  • Have not undertaken post-doctoral research stays nor completed degrees/doctorates in Germany
  • Not hold German nationality
  • Language skills: good knowledge of German or English, depending on research proposal
  • Availability: the research fellowship should commence within 12 months of being granted
  • No previous applications submitted to the Foundation by the candidate; no previous sponsorship in any of the Foundation’s fellowship programs

The Humboldt Foundation encourages especially applications from women. 


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