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Power to the Girls!
HHU at Girls' Day

The HHU group provided insights into their scientific work and careers to female school students.


The HHU participates in the Girls' Day, an event to inform female students about scientific and technical professions.

The main goal of the Girls' Day event is to inform female students about scientific and technical professions that are mainly practiced by men. The Frommer Group at HHU participated in this years event and gave these girls the chance to have an insights into their scientific work during virtual tours of a greenhouse and a laboratory. Pre-recorded videos and live explanations, gave the 25 girls from the grades 8 to 10 the chance to learn how rice diseases can be controlled in the lab. After the virtual tours Laura Redzich conducted an experiment to detect bacteria in rice. At the end, the students had the opportunity to ask questions. Thereby the different scientific careers were described and members of the lab group also reported on their motivation to become a scientist or a lab technician.



The members of the lab group: Britta Killing, Melissa Stiebner, Nora Zöllner, Laura Redzich

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